Beef and Lamb


While Owain recovers from his chemotherapy, we have suspended butchering on the farm for at least a year – so not before July 2021.

Our local, organically-certified abattoir has been forced to close and so very sadly our animals now have a fourty five minutes journey, rather than the ten minutes we’ve been used to. Unfortunately, in consequence we can no longer describe our meats as organic, even though our sheep and cattle continue to be managed to full Soil Association standards. We keep the text below in appreciation of all that Glyn and his team at J. Williams and Co. have done for us and for our community in Denbigh over very many years.

Stop press! We hope that an abattoir in Lanrwst will very shortly be certified as organic by the Soil Association, so that we shall be able to call our meat organic again.

Animals have only a ten minutes journey to J Williams and Co., the butchers in Denbigh. They are one of the very few remaining, with a small abattoir at the rear of their shop and also one of the very few to hold an Organic license.

We prefer to use their skill in butchering while we stick to our skill, which is Organic Farming – although we do the final preparation and packing on the farm.

That’s an old and once-successful model for a market town and her surrounding countryside and one which super-markets have all but destroyed. We dream of a revival! 


Throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn, cattle and sheep at Bryn Cocyn thrive on a diet of grass and clover alone.  Not suprising, since they’ve evolved a metabolism for pasture!  Sometimes older lambs are given a little of our home grown cereal as the year advances.  However the cattle are entirely grass-fed.  We have our own small mill on the farm and so are completely self-sufficient in animal feed.  We grow oats, peas and sometimes wheat for combining and milling and make both grass hay and silage for winter feed.  Our sources are our own resources. 

We have decided to raise our lamb prices by 5% from February 2019 The last price rise was 1st June 2012 – hope that’s OK.

£ per kg £ per Ib.
Leg £10.85 £4.90
Shoulder £8.90 £4.00
Shoulder (boned and rolled) £11.15 £5.06
Loin chops £16.15 £7.33
Cutlets £14.70 £6.67
Chump chops £10.85 £4.90
Best end chops £9.45 £4.29
Leg steaks £15.60 £7.08
Casserole (Diced Shoulder) £12.60 £5.72
Breast of lamb £5.25 £2.38
Breast (boned and rolled) £7.35 £3.34
Whole or half lamb £6.85 £3.11
£ per kg. £ per Ib.
Joint of topside £12.50 £5.67
Joint of silverside £11.35 £5.15
Fore Rib on the bone £11.35 £5.15
Pot-roast joint £7.50 £3.40
Rib-eye steak £25.30 £11.49
Rump steak £18.40 £8.35
Sirloin steak £25.30 £11.49
Fillet steak £31.60 £14.35
Mince £8.15 £3.70
Stewing steak £8.15 £3.70
Braising steak £11.35 £5.15


LOIN CHOPS –  Tesco basic £16.00/kg. , Sainsbury’s British “Taste the Difference” £17.99/kg.  , Sainsbury’s (no description) £14.99/kg. ,  Rhug Estate Organic £22.50/kg. , Bryn Cocyn Organic  £14.35/kg. – now raised (31st June 2012) to £15.40

PRICE COMPARISONS for 27th May 2011

CUTLETS  – Rhug Estate Organic – £22.50 / kg,  Graig Farm Organic – £26.18 / kg,  Sainsbury’s standard not organic – £14.81, “Taste the Difference” not organic ” – £19.99, Bryn Cocyn Organic £9.65/kg. (May 2011) – We seem to have fallen behind a little!

SHOULDER (Boned & rolled) – Rhug Estate Organic – £13.50,  Graig Farm Organic – £19.60,  Sainsbury’s standard not organic – £11.76,  Bryn Cocyn Organic £9.65 (May 2011)


If you can call at Bryn Cocyn we sometimes have  frozen joints of Beef and Lamb at 80% of listed price.

email, or telephone 01745 540207


Nid oes gennym Drwydded Organig i ladd anifeiliaid ar y fferm nac i drin cig sydd heb ei bacio.  Serch hynny, taith ddeng munud yn unig sydd gan ein hanifeiliaid i ladd-dy J. Williams, y cigydd yn Ninbych.  Mae’n un o’r ychydig gigyddion yn y wlad sydd yn parhau i fod â lladd-dy bychan y tu ôl i’w siop.  Mae ef hefyd yn un o’r ychydig rai sy’n meddu ar Drwydded Organig, ac mae’n well gennym ddefnyddio ei sgil ef i ladd anifeiliaid gan fod hynny’n ein galluogi i ganolbwyntio ar ein sgil ni, sef Ffermio Organig.  Dyma hen batrwm ac un a arferai fod yn llwyddiannus i dref farchnad a’r wlad o’i hamgylch ar un adeg, ond mae’n batrwm y mae’r archfarchnadoedd wedi’i ddinistrio fwy neu lai.  Ein gobaith yw y caiff ei adfywio!



£ y kg £ y Ib.
Coes £10.85 £4.90
Ysgwydd £8.90 £4.00
Ysgwydd   (dim asgwrn a’ wedi rolio) £11.15 £5.06
Ystlys golwyth £16.15 £7.33
Cytlet £14.70 £6.67
Stec coes £15.60 £7.08
Caserol £12.60 £5.72
Brest oen £5.25 £2.38
Brest oen (dim asgwrn a’ wedi rolio) £7.35 £3.34
Oen cyfan neu hanner oeu £6.85 £3.11
£ y kg. £ y Ib.
Ochr orau’r forthwyd £12.50 £6.06
Ochr orau’r ystlys las £11.35 £5.15
For rib £11.35 £5.15
Brisged  (dim asgwm a’ wedi rolio) £7.50 £3.40
Stec asen £18.40 £8.35
Stec ffolen £25.30 £11.49
Stec sylrwyn £25.30 £11.49
Stec ffiled £31.60 £14.35
Briwgig £8.15 £3.70
Stec stiw £8.15 £3.70
Stec bresing £11.35 £5.15

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