Firstly, Patrick has a new site dedicated to his writing :

But here’re some kindred spirrits: Newman Turner’s Fertility Farming 1951 – plus many other “classics” on this site.  where husbandry meets cuisine!  The Institute for Science in Society: full of goood things  more proper things   Happy browsing. Valuable resource. Sister to the above  Very good library of both historical and modern organic growing texts as well as radical moral philosophy – The Ecological Land Co-op’s new site – UK Agroecology – good library. Dr Vandana Shiva’s site The Post Carbon Institute’s regularly updated library  For good sense in almost all debates  Good Ivan Illich library  Documenting our Commons and lost Commons   James Hansen, shown to me by David Farrel: essential and beautiful reading. The Land Workers’ Alliance Biofuelwatch – almost alone in fighting the terrible destruction of the planet by burning it. The Green New Deal – Published 8th September 2013 at the time of the Black Old Deal of the Cameron/Clegg government.  Mold Slow Food  Holywell & Mold markets  Ruthin Produce Market      Abbey Leys market  New Ferry Farmers Market. Centre for conviviality!

What Europe Should Know about US Mass Surveillance


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