Vegetables and Fruit


Very sadly, while Owain recovers from his latest chemotherapy, we will suspend our veg growing for 2020. The land will benefit from a years’ green manure. 

Everything we sell is grown on the farm and so our produce is seasonal!  In Winter we have potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, leeks and kale, but through Summer and Autumn we have a wider selection of roots, salads, spinach, chard, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, courgettes, squashes and so on.

These pictures seem of an industrial agriculture.  Trick photography!  Actually this is a three acre field and most of the work is done by hand.  (Joyce in the evenings and at weekends, Owain in the heat of the day and Patrick tottering on behind)


Owain digging first new potatoes (12th July 2013) – White flowered Casablanca, purple-flowered Maris Peer and then the pink Charlotte.

Potato varieties for 2019 –  2020

Earlies – Casablanca and Maris Peer.                                                                                                                 

Maincrop – Axona, Sante and Charlotte.


THE POLYTUNNEL produces tomatoes, cucumbers & so on & out of season salads



We have a small older orchard and a further two acres, planted in 2009 & 2010, which is now in full production.  The apple season begins with Discovery, Tydeman’s Early Worcester, then Merton Beauty and as Summer progresses we have Egremont Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Ribston Pippin and so on.  Here’s a list of some other varieties:  Adam’s Pearmain, Aromatic Russet, Bardsey, Bramley, Cevaal, Herefordshire Russet, Rajka, Resi, Rosemary Russet, Rubinola….  There are a lot of capital Rs in our apple varieties: for the Rs in the months, although Dicovery may be ready in August! 



 Ribston Pippin (centre) July 2013, planted as maidens Feb 2009


We press, pasteurise and bottle on the farm, using only our own apples. Please see the Apple Juice page.



       We have a few very old Denbigh Plum trees: delicious if we can get the fruit before wasps and blue bottles do.  We’ve also planted a few Oullan’s Gage trees. 


We have  strawberries, gooseberries, black currants and red currants in season.

Customers are very welcome to call at the farm for produce, but it would be wise to telephone 01745 540207 before calling, because we might be out and about on the farm, or away in a Farmers’ Market (see Farmers’ Market Page).

We do have an honesty box at the head of the lane, for a simple selection of seasonal fruit and Veg.  It is shut for the winter (veg & frost don’t always mix).  Please call in the yard for a wider selection, or for winter veg.  

Honesty Box, Christmas 2009





2 Responses to Vegetables and Fruit

  1. John Swift says:

    well done one of the last to not gm the food.hope the seeds are not gmd.please dont sell out.small buisnesses are precious like you.x

  2. bryncocyn says:

    Thanks very much John. No GM seeds here!

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